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Fire of Life Films was founded in 2003 by sisters Sascha Brown Rice and Hilary Armstrong. The company's inaugural project was the award-winning documentary production of CALIFORNIA STATE OF MIND: The Legacy of Pat Brown. The film enjoyed a national broadcast on public television, screened at dozens of venues across the country, and is streaming on I-tunes, Amazon, Googleplay.  


Additionally, Rice created MY CALIFORNIA NOW, the documentary’s companion curriculum, a suite of robust educational resources. The sisters were recognized for their work with the Rebooting Civic Education Award by The Pat Brown Institute.

In the Summer of 2010, Sascha joined forces with the talented writer and comedienne Marnie Pomerantz MacLean to launch W.O.W. World of Writing, International. They hit the ground running with their direct approach to inspiring writers.  They infused their teaching with their love of writing and creative play.



In 2015, Sascha and Marnie shuttered W.O.W. and Sascha joined Kodak to head up global marketing for the motion picture film division of the iconic heritage brand. After an exciting adventure as part of Kodak's corporate leadership team, she returned to independent film, moving her consulting and teaching practice under the umbrella of Fire of Life Creative. Sascha brings a unique perspective to working with both corporate and indie clients.

"CALIFORNIA STATE OF MIND is really terrific. It is intelligent and emotional. It reminds us all that there was a time when this country had real leaders with principles and courage."


- Tom Rosenberg, Producer

    Academy Award winning Million Dollar Baby

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